GoldenSource-Our Process

Our Process

Succeeding together through our process

Implementing new technologies is a huge undertaking for global financial companies. Making a commitment to a new EDM system is a monumental decision in which you can’t make a mistake. Our product is rock solid, but our fanatical support, problem-solving and defined implementation process is what we are most proud of.

Tell us what you need

With financial enterprise software, you need configuration, not customization.

Though our industry has many needs in common, every company requires distinct processes and works on diverse legacy systems. Introducing new technology is a massive challenge.

Because the GoldenSource data model is built on a rock solid core and been added to over our 30 years in the financial industry, it already has everything our customers need. Configuring it to your data feeds, downstream systems and legacy systems does not require a custom rebuild.

Our team has the expertise and step-by-step process to connect and configure our software to get you operational in weeks, not months.

Data has become a strategic business asset, not an operational necessity. Having accurate, consistent data will forever change the way you do business.

Companies must have an expert team and a proven process to transition to new software. From the first phone call on, expect a fanatical level of support, expertise and a team of problem-solvers.

Our Proven 3-Step Process

1. Diagnostic Evaluation

Our proposals are not one size fits all templates. We meet with your team to evaluate your needs, current technology and objectives. Then, our team meets to hash out how our products can be utilized to meet those objectives. We debate the issues and look at them from every possible angle. At the end, we achieve a concensus on what we will deliver to the client.

This is how are proposals are structured.

2. Implementation

We are perfectionists on execution. We understand time is essential, and most projects are complete within weeks, not months. We literally are by your side on site to work with your engineers on every step of the installation, configuration and testing process.

Mistakes are costly. The software must be tested over a wide number of company systems and adjusted to perform accurately, quickly and consistently. You work with top level staff who consider themselves as your partner in success.

3. Support

Once you are up and running, this is not the end, only the beginning. Our global tech support team is here 24/7 when needed. We know seconds matter and we are here for the life of our product.

If you have a new hire and they need onboarding and training, we are here with support and one-on-one instruction.


The yardstick for EDM solutions…no product can rival it for breadth and depth.
Financial-I Jury Report

Integrating the GoldenSource solution within local banking environments has confirmed its powerful functionalities and considerable flexibility, even in very complex and fast changing contexts.
Giusy Mainardi, Sales and Partner Manager at Corvallis

Best in class data model. Excellent functionality. Complete data management solution.
Cutter Associates

GoldenSource understands our business requirements and can provide the high-quality reference data management platform we require to enable us to deliver accurate, timely reference data across our organisation.
Business CIO, Nordea

The GoldenSource EDM platform is a leader in its class with some of the world's most sophisticated banks successfully deploying the solution.
Oleg Baranov, Managing Partner at Neoflex

Standard Chartered Bank has chosen to partner with GoldenSource because we feel its Securities & Products solution offers the best mix of functionality, architecture and domain expertise. This enables us to offer a superior quality of service and grow our business in a very competitive marketplace.
Global Product Head, Standard Chartered Securities Services

There is a great demand from our clients and investors for timely, reliable and well-structured corporate information in the Russian market... We plan to use GoldenSource's industrial platform to create services highly sought by our clients and to generate added value in the market.
Eddie Astanin, Chairman of the Executive Board, Russia's National Settlement Depository

GoldenSource provides the optimum mix of out-of–the-box capability and configurability that is flexible yet structured. It gives ASX the ability to enhance its responsiveness to the marketplace.
Timothy Hogben, Group Executive Operations, Australian Securities Exchange

What differentiates GoldenSource is that it does not simply provide a toolkit. Rather, it offers a mature set of out-of-the-box solutions aligned to common capital markets functions.
Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Ovum

GoldenSource offers a robust, complete and flexible data model, flexible workflow and comprehensive validation and distribution capabilities, which allow us to manage, and importantly link our reference data on one platform.
Kevin Gage, Senior Managing Director, Mizuho