GoldenSource Nexus

Making Asset Management Data Work

Asset Managers and Asset Owners are facing increased scrutiny over the quality of their data. Business objectives and new regulatory requirements need to be met, and you need a data management system in place that can handle both of these and more. The integrated GoldenSource Nexus data management solution ensures that gold standard quality data is readily available to the right systems and people.

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How GoldenSource Nexus Works

Utilize the gold-standard data management system as your single data and reporting repository.

Integrates with:

  • Data vendors
  • Accounting platforms
  • Attribution
  • Client Reporting
  • OMS systems

Leverage the rock solid capital markets data model and data connections shaped by clients across the global investment management industry.

  • Seamlessly take in data from vendors
  • Deliver gold copy data sets to accounting and OMS, attribution, reporting and risk systems
  • Enjoy confidence in your regulatory and client reporting, analytics and performance attribution
  • Retain full control over workflows, rules, exception management, change approvals, task management, and alerts

Migrate to a nimble data management capability in the cloud

Nexus is deployed as a managed and hosted service, freeing you from infrastructure costs, implementation headaches and integration concerns.

Our proven cloud migration process typically completes within single digit weeks—not months. Our fanatical support team is by your side to configure Nexus to your precise specifications. Concentrate on your business while we support your data management.

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Connections & Adaptors

Connections & Adaptors is a robust, preconfigured adaptor that loads vendor data into GoldenSource's EDM GoldenSource Security Master or Client Onboarding applications. Our Connections are ready to receive and process your vendor feeds immediately upon installation, no mapping required. Read more...

Corporate Actions

Enables financial institutions to acquire, validate and store detailed descriptive data about all types of global corporate actions, including stock splits, cash and stock dividends, maturities, mergers, acquisitions, and tender offers. Read more...


GoldenSource Customer Master module acts as a global entity master linking customers and counterparties, along with employees, branches, contacts, addresses, accounts and products. Read more...

Data Warehouse

Improves analysis and reporting capabilities, providing asset managers with a quick, single view of their customers' portfolios. Traders, middle and back office managers will have an enterprise level view of risk and exposure. Read more...


A unique pricing preference and vendor hierarchy framework that enables capital market organizations to meet their regulatory, management, and audit requirements for independent price verification. Read more...

Security Master

Standardize content from multiple external sources with maintained, off-the-shelf connections to leading financial data vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Interactive Data and many more. Read more...