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Data has become a strategic asset in the financial industry

Our philosophy and approach to data management is driven by our vision of the central role of trusted data across the enterprise. We firmly believe that managing data as a strategic asset, rather than an operational necessity, will transform business processes and achieve corporate objectives. We’ve delivered the gold standard of EDM software for over 30 years.

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EDM: At the heart of each of our solutions

The challenges of utilizing data

Financial enterprise is challenged with the ability to utilize data that is streaming in rapidly from multiple external and internal sources every second.

It is difficult to compare data, automate processes and exchange data with other legacy systems when the sources often use different terminology. Data mapping becomes a necessity to scrub and enrich the data for multiple uses.

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 What EDM Software does

Enterprise data management software scrubs, enriches and curates data. GoldenSource EDM delivers the gold standard of data—fast, accurate and ready. This gives managers a clear picture of the information, how to access it, quality assurance and ownership.

Assimilating streams of data into legacy systems is another struggle.

Downtime is not an option in the global financial world. Integrating data into current applications and infrastructure is where our consultancy and Enterprise Data Management solutions step in.

The GoldenSource EDM ecosystem immediately standardizes terms and establishes clear definitions of the data itself to produce the metadata component for data governance.

It is then possible to integrate multiple sources of data, apply specific business rules and produce a golden copy of the data on which our clients can rely for accuracy, consistency and transparency.

Deployed globally

Our EDM and MDM solutions are deployed worldwide by leading banks, investment managers and financial service providers to unlock the value of their data and remain competitive. We address our clients’ tactical business priorities in a strategic manner, ensuring rapid ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our proven process for implementing and configuring our data management system gets our clients up and running in weeks, not months. Our fanatical support team is there to support the entire process.

We are the largest team of global EDM professionals and have been successfully delivering data management solutions to the financial services industry for longer than any other firm. Learn more about us

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Connections & Adaptors

Connections & Adaptors is a robust, preconfigured adaptor that loads vendor data into GoldenSource's EDM GoldenSource Security Master or Client Onboarding applications. Our Connections are ready to receive and process your vendor feeds immediately upon installation, no mapping required. Read more...

Corporate Actions

Enables financial institutions to acquire, validate and store detailed descriptive data about all types of global corporate actions, including stock splits, cash and stock dividends, maturities, mergers, acquisitions, and tender offers. Read more...


GoldenSource Customer Master module acts as a global entity master linking customers and counterparties, along with employees, branches, contacts, addresses, accounts and products. Read more...

Data Warehouse

Improves analysis and reporting capabilities, providing asset managers with a quick, single view of their customers' portfolios. Traders, middle and back office managers will have an enterprise level view of risk and exposure. Read more...

Entity Master

The only Master Data Management (MDM) platform to manage instrument, counterparty and issuer data on a single platform. Reduce risk and achieve competitive advantage. Read more...

Positions & Transactions

Aggregate positions and balances to provide immediate and accurate access to the financial totals and details needed for decision making, customer service and daily operations. Read more...


A unique pricing preference and vendor hierarchy framework that enables capital market organizations to meet their regulatory, management, and audit requirements for independent price verification. Read more...

Product Master

GoldenSource Product Master meets the challenge of efficient sourcing, onboarding and cross-referencing of information from diverse sources and systems. Seamlessly manage related workflows and consolidate, analyze, audit, update and distribute key product information to every sector of your company simultaneously. Read more...

Security Master

Standardize content from multiple external sources with maintained, off-the-shelf connections to leading financial data vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Interactive Data and many more. Read more...


The yardstick for EDM solutions…no product can rival it for breadth and depth.
Financial-I Jury Report

Integrating the GoldenSource solution within local banking environments has confirmed its powerful functionalities and considerable flexibility, even in very complex and fast changing contexts.
Giusy Mainardi, Sales and Partner Manager at Corvallis

Best in class data model. Excellent functionality. Complete data management solution.
Cutter Associates

GoldenSource understands our business requirements and can provide the high-quality reference data management platform we require to enable us to deliver accurate, timely reference data across our organisation.
Business CIO, Nordea

The GoldenSource EDM platform is a leader in its class with some of the world's most sophisticated banks successfully deploying the solution.
Oleg Baranov, Managing Partner at Neoflex

Standard Chartered Bank has chosen to partner with GoldenSource because we feel its Securities & Products solution offers the best mix of functionality, architecture and domain expertise. This enables us to offer a superior quality of service and grow our business in a very competitive marketplace.
Global Product Head, Standard Chartered Securities Services

There is a great demand from our clients and investors for timely, reliable and well-structured corporate information in the Russian market... We plan to use GoldenSource's industrial platform to create services highly sought by our clients and to generate added value in the market.
Eddie Astanin, Chairman of the Executive Board, Russia's National Settlement Depository

GoldenSource provides the optimum mix of out-of–the-box capability and configurability that is flexible yet structured. It gives ASX the ability to enhance its responsiveness to the marketplace.
Timothy Hogben, Group Executive Operations, Australian Securities Exchange

What differentiates GoldenSource is that it does not simply provide a toolkit. Rather, it offers a mature set of out-of-the-box solutions aligned to common capital markets functions.
Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Ovum

GoldenSource offers a robust, complete and flexible data model, flexible workflow and comprehensive validation and distribution capabilities, which allow us to manage, and importantly link our reference data on one platform.
Kevin Gage, Senior Managing Director, Mizuho